M2 T2MC year is composed of Teaching Units taught in English and divided in two semesters:

  • 4 UE of fondamental and applied chemistry courses (UE11, UE12, UE13 et UE14)
  • 1 UE of opening (Transversal courses)
  • 10h-15h of scientific conferences

There is also a fifth UE. Students have to choose between:

  • Research internship lasting at least 5 months in a research laboratory : academic or industrial, national or international.
  • A block release training period with a professional training contract.
Knowledge control is done entirely in continuous assessment and is therefore spread over the entire S3.
The semester 4 assessment consists in a written report and an oral presentation related to the student’s internship subject or his / her block release training.

For a good reading of the table, here is the definition of the different acronyms :

Course unit Lecture Tutorial classes Practical Work European Credits Transfer System